Planning Committee
Cllr P White, Cllr A Meredith, Cllr A Noblett, Cllr K Deeth and Cllr A Lovatt

Communications Committee
Cllr A Gilbert, Cllr S Hamilton, Cllr A Meredith, Cllr D Wheat, Cllr M Oxby and Cllr P White

Staffing Committee
Cllr C Baskin, Cllr J Johnson, Cllr G Brunt and Cllr J White and Cllr Wilkinson

Governance Committee
Cllr J White, Cllr C Baskin, Cllr M Oxby, Cllr J  Johnson and Cllr A Noblett

Finance Committee
Cllr P Wilkinson, Cllr A Noblett, Cllr A Gilbert and Clltr S Hamilton

Highways Working Group
Cllr M Oxby, Cllr A Noblett, Cllr K Deeth and Cllr A Gilbert

Grindley Lane Working Group
Cllr A Noblett, Cllr C Baskin and Cllr S Hamilton

Committees and Working Groups will call meetings on the first Monday of the month a Tuesday if it is a Bank Holiday.
Chairman and Terms of Reference will be agreed upon first meetings